3 easy tips for a Productive day!

3 easy tips for a Productive day!

“My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do.”

Whether you use your planner to run your own business or keep track of goals, you may suddenly hit a point *like myself* where you have all the tools to be productive but each day your list of things to do are getting longer - throwing your anxiety levels through the roof!

These 3 easy to follow tips are an easy step towards crushing your goals and being the most productive version of you.


  1. Get offline


Yes it’s hard but one of the most distracting things in the 21st century is our over consumption of social media and the net in general. Scrolling through Instagram may seem like a quick break away from reality but actually disturbs your productive train of thought.

Try your best to create periods of the day where you are ‘offline’ and solely focusing on the tasks that are most important to making your day a successful one.



  1. Make a short list


The satisfaction of crossing a task off a list is really, really good. I never plan without some kind of list that I can tick or cross off just for that feeling of accomplishment.

One way you can do this is by making a header of the overall goal you have and then writing bite size tasks below it.




  1. Set a deadline & stick to it!


Maybe you’ve tried step 1 & 2 with no luck and I think I know why. Without pressure it is very unlikely that you will be motivated enough to keep on track. Instead procrastination wins as you will keep putting things off until tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes.


For example if you run a business from home try to set a time for yourself when you work. I’ve been trying this technique out lately with really excellent results! Not only do I stick to my plans more than ever before but it also stops me from over working and missing out on precious time with loved ones.


 I hope some of these tips help you when planning your day and remember the main goal to success is perseverance. If something fails to work for you now never be afraid to try, try and try again.


Feel free to share a tip below that helps YOU stay productive 💜


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I also make a short list so I can see what I actually need to do and to not get overwhelmed. Another productivity tip/goal I set for myself is to get my top 3 things done before noon. I can then relax a little with getting the other tasks done if there are any. To me I have already accomplished a lot and anything else is a bonus or not as urgent. Plus I’m not setting myself up each day with 10 things all at once that are urgent!

Ginger Sowers

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