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Why I love planning with a Stálogy Notebook

I’ve been using a Stálogy notebook as a planner on and off since 2019. My first time was with an A6 size 365 days version which I loved but only stuck with for a few months. At this time I was just using it for daily to do lists and a bit of budgeting. The second time in October 2021 we were just coming into the new school year and I had finished using the Mark’s Tokyo edge B6 Day planner for homeschooling but wanted a change. I decided to try a B6 365 Stálogy notebook and haven’t looked back since! The most crucial aspect of a good planner for me is something that is simple yet versatile. I have...

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2021 Journal's and Planner Lineup - What I'm Using for the new year!

Have you got your planner lineup for 2021 sorted?   Hey there and welcome! I woke up way too early this Sunday morning and thought I would share what I plan on using for the new year! Main purpose for each planner * B6 Stalogy- Homeschool Planner * A6 Stalogy- Notes/ Journaling/ Brain dump * Personal Rings- Work I would never think when I joined the planner community back in 2016 that I would be using multiple planners at one time but here we are... and I love it! B6 Stalogy   Deco? (Vellum, Acetate, Journaling cards, Vinyl decals)  Yes, yes and yes!  Structured Layout? (Daily, Monthly, Weekly etc) Monthly printed out for appointments and important dates regarding home life....

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