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Hobonichi VS Stalogy

Ever wondered what journal would better suit your needs? Maybe you already use a Hobonichi Techo and would like to try its rival for next year? Let’s jump right in!  

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Do you really need a daily routine?

  Let’s be honest. Having your day all planned out won’t guarantee it will be productive but it can help you stay focused. Some may say life is so unpredictable. Why not take it as it comes? What is the point of stressing about tomorrow when you haven’t lived for today? In one way I would 100% agree. Being too rigid with your plans can bring about weaknesses. Some of these may be feeling like a failure when you haven’t ticked all the boxes of your habit tracker. Or even wanting to throw the entire planner away when you notice everyone on Instagram using the latest in thing!   But back to the question. Is a daily routine needed? I...

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Benefits of Mood Tracking

Tracking how you feel is so very important in becoming a happier version of you and here’s why. It is often said that no one knows yourself better than you but is this true for all of us?

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Rings VS Strings

Are you a die- hard Ringed planner girl? Or maybe you prefer the little books housed in Leather? Better than that, you may be, like me, a lover of both! This short post briefly touches on the virtues and shortcomings of the latest craze in the way that people choose to plan & journal that seem to be driving paper lovers torn! What I love about my TN: ❤ It makes the perfect carrier for multiple hobbies! The ability to stuff your leather journal with multiple different books each dedicated to a specific hobby is what sold me into trying it. You can literally house your hand lettering practice alongside a Tomoe river paper journal for deep thoughts or even...

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