3 ideas to journal about when you're bored

3 ideas to journal about when you're bored


"Journaling is therapy"

Ever had the itch to write in your notebook but have no idea where to start?

Drained from writing about your day and how you feel?

I think it's time to try some journal prompts to help you reconnect with the love of writing for pleasure.

1) Describe your dream vacation

An instantly feel good prompt - describing your dream holiday will not only benefit you by creating a goal to work towards but also helps you imagine yourself in a 'happy place'. 

2) Earliest childhood memory (good or bad)

Your earliest memories can open up a lot of interesting things about yourself that you may not have noticed before. Whether good or bad, our life experiences make us who we are today. Writing what you remember in your private journal may help you to feel a sense of relief that you have overcome negative events. On the other hand if those memories are good it can assist you to realize what makes you happy and how you can achieve that again.

3) The world is ending in 24 hours. What would you do in your final moments?

At times life can become so heavy we often lose sight of what really matters. This prompt, although scary, may very well allow you to open up and record what it is that really matters to you. For example you may wish to be surrounded by family members so you can share the remaining precious moments of life together. However in reality it may be that you have not seen or heard from these loved ones in a very long time as you've been so busy with work and life- not giving you a chance to be in the moment. Thinking about your final moments can lead to a deeper understanding of self and being more aware of what is the purpose of life.


I hope you have found some of these tips for journaling and keeping a diary useful. If you ever get a chance to use them be sure to let me know in the comments how they have helped you. 

Maybe you have some journal tips of your own that you would like to share with future readers.


Happy Writing!


Brooke x



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