Benefits of Mood Tracking

Benefits of Mood Tracking

Tracking how you feel is so very important in becoming a happier version of you and here’s why.


It is often said that no one knows yourself better than you but is this true for all of us? Ask any loved one what makes you most happy and they will probably have a different answer to what you thought.

This is because the people around you learn through your behaviour what makes you most happy or depressed. We are all guilty of neglecting ourselves in one way or another so being able to set aside a few moments to self-reflect is vital for a healthier mind.


  • Identifying triggers

Keeping tabs on how you are feeling and why can help to identify the cause of what makes or breaks your day. You may find that you are still stressed on your days off and not realize it is because you are not spending your free time doing things that make you truly happy.

From a personal viewpoint I can say that I very much look forward to those few precious hours when my kids are asleep to have some ‘me time’. However on occasions when I waste this precious time binge watching Youtube Videos or Netflix shows I often feel more stressed afterwards.

I believe everyone’s optimum mood on the road to becoming happier is how productive they are with their time. For me that productivity may be working on a project for an upcoming deadline or as trivial as organizing my closet!


  • Inner peace                                                                           

It’s a beautiful thing to release your emotions into words. To really take the time to analyse your feelings so you can become comfortable, confident and wholeheartedly content in who you are right now. Think of it as a form of self-therapy. You are tackling personal demons as well as congratulating yourself on positive milestones on the journey to becoming a better you.


  • Self-Reflection                                             

Let’s say you stuck at the mood tracking system for a month or even just a week. How many hidden gems about yourself are waiting to be discovered? Following the system is so easy yet has the ability to really tackle some deep rooted issues that you may be unknowingly neglecting.

For instance a person who over eats when they are stressed may find that the cause was their job not being stimulating enough. Suddenly having following the system they see a strong pattern of low days being directly caused by issues at work. This person is now able to take the steps to being happier by looking for a change in career.

In a nutshell being aware of your feelings and emotions can only be positive. It allows you to work on and improve your life for the better one stroke of a pen at a time. Do you currently track your moods? How has it been working for you? Feel free to share your experiences for others to learn from in the comments below.

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Begin your journey today with your personal mood tracking system or journal today!



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