Do you really need a daily routine?

Do you really need a daily routine?


Let’s be honest. Having your day all planned out won’t guarantee it will be productive but it can help you stay focused.

Some may say life is so unpredictable. Why not take it as it comes? What is the point of stressing about tomorrow when you haven’t lived for today?

In one way I would 100% agree. Being too rigid with your plans can bring about weaknesses. Some of these may be feeling like a failure when you haven’t ticked all the boxes of your habit tracker. Or even wanting to throw the entire planner away when you notice everyone on Instagram using the latest in thing!

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But back to the question. Is a daily routine needed?

I would say Yes! Yes! Yes! It allows you to prioritize the most important tasks to reach your goals. Sticking to a daily routine wards of being overwhelmed as you slowly get through the things that needs to get done.

Personally my daily routine Is pretty much the same with the craziness of raising two babies as well as keeping on top of work for my small business.

Needless to say juggling between both can be one heck of a challenge at times but I definitely do notice my day is more productive when I have ‘planned’ (which admittedly is sometimes just a long to do list on a scrap piece of paper).

One key thing I have found is that being too rigid with what you want to accomplish can be very negative.

Lately I have been keeping away from marking a task as incomplete. Instead I have been drawing a tiny forward arrow to indicate that it can be done another day.

By doing this instead of being annoyed that I failed at keeping to my goals it reminds me to think positively. I may not have done every single thing but at least I have noted it down to be done another day.

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Saying that, sometimes the things I do write in my daily plans forces me to procrastinate as it is too complicated.

Try to set yourself mini goals. Instead of writing declutter office try writing smaller tasks. For example you might note down that you want to shred all documents today and then take pictures of un-used planners to sell tomorrow.

Both tasks are simple yet collectively help making your space less cluttered which was the initial goal.

Having a daily routine has many benefits when flexible and simple enough that you can realistically get things done without burning out.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips for someone wanting to be more organized? What have you learnt from your planning journey so far? 

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