Hobonichi VS Stalogy

Hobonichi VS Stalogy


Last year I purchased my first Hobonichi Techo to use as a journal and have been loving it since!

Fast forward a few months and the new craze within the Planner community was the Stalogy brand. Cheaper, versatile and also available in a6 like the Hobonichi Techo.

I now use both and couldn’t be more happier in terms of my everyday tools to keep me from procrastinating and staying organized!

Ever wondered what journal would better suit your needs? Maybe you already use a Hobonichi Techo and would like to try its rival for next year? Let’s jump right in!


 ❤ ❤ ❤ Hobonichi Techo  ❤ ❤ ❤



❤  Real Tomoe River Paper

Beautiful lightweight paper renowned for its ability to resist bleed through when used with a variety of inks and paints.

❤  Dated

Holds you to account and makes you more likely to keep journaling or planning (however sometimes this can be the opposite for some)

❤  Grid Lines Slightly darker

❤  Quote on each spread

❤  Yearly overview & two different types of Monthly Calendars





❤  Smudging of ink!

A lot of gel pens or any pen that does not dry fast may leave your pages smudged and ruined.

❤  No week overview

It really is great as a daily planner for to do lists or just journaling about your day but if you like to plan out our week on one page this may not work for you.


❤ ❤ ❤ Stalogy ❤ ❤ ❤



❤  More affordable compared to the Hobonichi

❤  Undated

This is great as you can have fun experimenting with different styles of planning without feeling tied down to only one system.

❤  More space

Due to lack of dates, quotes and calendars like the Hobonichi Techo there is more room to write freely.

❤  Not Tomoe River paper

No smudging! Yay! The paper is thicker but still of a very good quality.



❤  No Page Numbers

❤  Blank Canvass

A bit daunting as you have to use it as more of a bullet journal style for planning but once you find layouts that you like it really is love!


What do you love about the Hobonichi/Stalogy?

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I like the stalogy because it comes in my size-B6 and I don’t use as a planner. So I do whatever I want (quotes, lists of favorites, things to remember, whatever!)


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