Moterm Planner Review

Moterm Planner Review




The Moterm Brand of leather planner covers have been around for some time now, available at a more affordable price, yet still pretty great quality!

Currently they can be purchased on Ali Express or Amazon USA.

I only recently had the pleasure of purchasing a few covers over the past few months and thought i'd share what I love about them!


  ♡ Affordable Price


You can own one for as little as $29 for a Pocket/ A7 size cover which is pretty decent considering similar leather planners with as many variations and quality can set you back over $200.

I've purchased more expensive covers in the past and always had a fear to carry them with me on errands as I was very aware of how much I paid. This fear in a way led me to not use the planner for it's function- to stay organized.

Ofcourse as you are paying a lot less you can't expect the quality to be top notch. So far i've only found minor errors like gapping of the rings and the overall 'feel' of the planner can be slightly less luxurious so would need to keep this in mind before purchasing.

If anything it is a fantastic way to test out a planner size or variation before spending a good amount on a more luxury brand.


  ♡ Good amount of features

The planners are available in many different colours and styles which is perfect if you are a collector or like to change up your style often. As well as ringed planners they also have leather covers to fit a variety of notebooks like Stalogy, Marks Edit, Wonderland 222, Hobonichi weeks, Hobonichi Techo, Zequens and Moleskine to name a few.


  ♡ All the little details


* Full length Pockets attached to the back - great for storing receipts, bills or even stickers!

* Zip compartment to hold loose change - excellent if you are looking to use your planner as a wallet.

* A Leather FlyLeaf - with pockets for credit cards etc.

* Manyyyyy Secretarial pockets! - added bonus if you like to decorate your planner or even to hide notes away.

* 25mm Rings - I've been able to stuff quite alot in my planners with room to spare but they are pretty easy to take out and change to larger rings if necessary.

* Large leather pen loop

* 'Floppy' enough to stay flat when writing

* Includes a pack of undated inserts - so you can start planning right away!

* Nice Leather smell

* Attention to detail - all stiching was very neat


The only downside when thinking about features is that you can not customise the planners (e.g adding stiffener, widening or shortening the planner size) as they are ready made but would be nice to see if they offer this option in the future!


  ♡ Well made

The Moterm's I currently own have all been used very well and not a stich is out of place. They also did not have any chemical smell which is a bonus as that can be a real turn off no matter how pretty the planner looks.


In a nutshell the Moterm planners, in my opinion, are excellent value for money and a definite must have in your collection. I am very content and excited to try out some of the more recent product lines they have released such as the Luxe and Versa. The newer additions also have a little logo stiched inside which adds a nice professional touch to the planners as they are becoming more main stream.


What are your thoughts? Do you already own a Moterm planner? Are you thinking of purchasing one in the future? Did you have one and not like it?

I would love to know how you feel about Moterm planners in the comment section below.


Brooke x


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I just acquired a Moterm Personal regular rings in black, with a leather flyleaf. For what I paid the leather feels amazing – smooth and soft and no weird odors. I’ve noticed, while looking at a variety of Moterms, that some of their planners (even within the same configuration but different colors) have a name tag in the lower right, while others do not.

Joseph Miller

I dictated the above to my cell. I can spell . . . this phone can not. 🙄 I should have double-checked before sending.


New Moterm owner here. My Miterm girl has almost cured me of wanting a VDS or Gillio planner cover. Thank gawd!

I have the 🍑 peach cover sans rings. Being in semi-quarantine it has not left the house yet though it is my EDC. At this point I have nothing less than steller to say about my cover. 🤷🏾

Going forward I would like yo add a cric ine to my lineup; however, I usually di not find it in the size or confogurstions that I require. I haloenstanced upon a green croc at Alir Ex. the other day. It has rings (I do not like/use rings) and I did not see size availability that I am seeking. I am curious about removing the rings as peoole have instructed for the more expensive planners. I wonder if the Moterm can take me fiddling with it like that.

I highly recommend the brand at this time.


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