Why I love planning with a Stálogy Notebook

Why I love planning with a Stálogy Notebook

I’ve been using a Stálogy notebook as a planner on and off since 2019. My first time was with an A6 size 365 days version which I loved but only stuck with for a few months. At this time I was just using it for daily to do lists and a bit of budgeting.

The second time in October 2021 we were just coming into the new school year and I had finished using the Mark’s Tokyo edge B6 Day planner for homeschooling but wanted a change. I decided to try a B6 365 Stálogy notebook and haven’t looked back since!

The most crucial aspect of a good planner for me is something that is simple yet versatile. I have been following a lazy bullet journal style which allows me to keep productive but also have fun with experimenting with pretty dashboards and stickers for decoration.

The Stálogy notebook for me was a perfect, clear canvas where I could record important plans whilst being creative and probably the number one reason why I have been using it for so many years without becoming fatigued.

I currently use a 365 day B6 stalogy – Grid paper as a homeschool planner with the following sections tabbed:

  • Day per page
  • Weekly Page
  • Record logs to track my daughter’s progress
  • Password keeper
  • Monthly overview

So now you know how I’ve been utilizing the Stálogy notebook as a planner here are 5 main reasons why I love it so much.


 1) Paper Quality


The quality of the paper is second to none in my opinion. It is thin like the reputable Tomoe river paper yet has a more soft rather than silky texture which absorbs ink really quickly (no smudging- Yay!). The lightweight paper structure allows for a very satisfying ‘crinkle’ effect when the pages are written on and turned.

The printed lines in the grid and dotted notebooks are a very feint grey. This allows you to follow them as a guide to keep your handwriting straight without being obtrusive.

Another superior quality of the paper is that it is fountain pen friendly as ink does not feather or bleed through. There may be slight shadowing but it does not disturb the alternate page too much.


 2) Various Sizes offered

Another reason why I love the brand so much is because of the large selection of sizes offered.

Both the ½ year (192 pages) and the 365 days version (368 pages) are available in 4 popular sizes:

  • A5
  • A6
  • B6
  • B5

Having the option to have multiple sizes allows for growth as life changes. For example an a6 version may be good for quick daily lists you want to keep track of but would be too small to use as a work planner. Having the luxury of still being able to enjoy the lovely qualities of the paper in different sizes is another major reason why I am very fond of the brand.


 3) Durability

The notebook is incredibly sturdy and has a beautiful, soft faux leather cover which keeps the pages safe but also allows the pages to stay flat when writing. I personally have added 30+ vellum/ acetate decorative and functional dashboards using tape and have had no problems with the binding becoming weak or pages becoming loose. The overall binding of the books are with a strong adhesive which makes them very much worth the extra money when compared to a regular notebook. It is very much built to last and ready to store memories you can look back on for many years to come.


4) Good Price Point 

In my opinion, the notebooks are very reasonably priced. The smallest (a6 size) is around £25 or $33.80 and the largest (b5 size) is £32 or $43.27. They are not the cheapest blank notebooks on the market but considering how long it could last along with the great quality it really is a ‘must try’ if you are a paper enthusiast like myself.


5) White Pages

Compared to the Hobonichi or Midori planners which are a cream colour – the Stálogy notebook pages are brilliant white. This makes It more aesthetically pleasing when adding décor.

Overall I am completely in planner peace with using the Stálogy as a main planner. My only very small wish is that the limited edition covers were available for b6 as well.

What do you think about the Stálogy notebooks? Have you tried them before? What’s your favorite thing about using them for planning? If you could change anything, what would it be?

Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and I hope you have found this entry useful and informative.


Brooke x


Images are my own or provided from the link below where you can also purchase your own:


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Brooke thank you for sharing your thoughts on the benefits of planning within your Stalogy. I to have enjoyed the B6 Stalogy for a few years. I am not in it now but every times I see your IG posts I am so tempted to go back to that simple, functional and customizable notebook with great paper that to me is easy to flip through. Enjoy! Congratulations on your new Blog!


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