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Mt Washi Tape - Mt X Morris Collection - Strawberry Thief

Mt Washi Tape - Mt X Morris Collection - Strawberry Thief

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New to the shop, this 'Fruits' roll of washi masking tape is based on one of Morris' earliest wallpaper designs, first produced in 1864. It features fruits and foliage in warm shades of yellow, green and red. 

Originally produced in 1883, the eye catching 'Strawberry Thief' design is one of William Morris’ most iconic designs and is featured on this roll of tape. It is adorned with birds stealing strawberries from trees in a countryside garden. 

Washi tape is used for a variety of crafts. You can use it to decorate your planner, notebook or journal. You could even get creative and make your own collage or artwork with the tape. We personally love using it to add a special touch to our happy mail packages! The possibilities are truly endless.


Each roll = 50 x 10mm 


  • 1 x Roll of Washi tape
  • Adhesive edges
  • Easy Tear
  • Waterproof & Heatproof
  • Made from Washi Paper
  • Made in Japan
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