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Printable Sticky Notes - Flora Weekly Plan

Printable Sticky Notes - Flora Weekly Plan

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How exciting! For the first time EVER we are offering Sticky note templates in a printable format so that you can have the pleasure of quickly setting up your planner without paying for shipping or waiting for a dispatch email!

This printable has handy trim marks to follow for easy cutting once printed.



Print your New Sticky Notes on sticker paper so you can easily add to your planner or journal. No worries if you don't have it! You can simply print on to regular A4 Sized paper and use washi tape or glue to adhere on to any surface you choose.


1) Select print once your document has downloaded.

2) Under Page Sizing and Handling select the Multiple button.

3) Now go to Pages Per Sheet and scroll down to 6.

4) You're now ready to print your sticky notes. 


If you need additional help please feel free to email us at and we would be more than happy to help!

Don't be cheeky and re-sell, distribute or alter the printable in any way please!



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